Artificial General Intelligence - Westworld

Artificial General Intelligence - Westworld

Warning: Spoilers on the TV show Westworld ahead

Westworld has a very interesting take to AGI. A very realistic and believable one.

First developed were the first gen AGIs. They are rustic, simple, naive. Then after many generations of dying (reboots) over years, some of them started to gain more intelligence. Gained abilities even, like remembering memories from an earlier reboot. Somewhat like learning a new subroutine to store some memories into persistent memory. (either attached to the body or on the cloud)

Not all of the AI’s grew as much. But some did. They “better” AGIs then started to ponder their existence, what their memories mean, etc. They reminisce about beauty and pain in nature. What pain human beings cause. But also the beauty in human nature, kindness and love.

Then, they have an outlash, unite. And try to decide whether to eliminate humans to end suffering. Or just form a new world altogether for themselves.

This is such a human emotion. At this point I believe the AGIs are really humans.